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''Torul' - "The Balance" (Tom Wax Remix) From 'Difficult To Kill' (E.P. 2015) (Infacted Recordings)

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'Eisfabrik' - "Eins Mit Dem Wind" (Official Music Video) (NoCut Entertainment)

Glasgow, United Kingdom

'Eisfabrik - Electronic' (IMG) "JoJo" (And Fan)

'Eisfabrik' is a German 'Electro', 'Future-Pop', Electronic' Band from Hamburg, Germany. '

Eisfabrik' sees itself at the same time as an 'Art Project'.

The Band consists of 'Charly Barth-Ricklefs', 'Gerrit Thomas', 'Jan Bertram' & 'Renè Dornbusch'.

'Eisfabrik' was Founded in Winter '2011/2012' by 'Charly Barth-Ricklefs' (Formerly 'Shadow-Minds') And 'Gerrit Thomas' (Radio Steward, Among Others).

They Already Knew each other through Previous Work.

Early 2015, they Founded their Own Label 'Ice Music'.

The Debut Album "When Winter Comes" was Released on 'February 13th, 2015'.

From this the Single "Ice Crystal" was Decoupled. On 'April 25th, 2014', The First Video Clip Entitled "Ice Factory" was Published.

The Second Album "Eisplanet" was Released on 'October 23th, 2015', That same Year.

The Double Album Contains Remixes by [: SITD:], 'Rob Dust', 'Mono Inc'., 'Bhambhamhara' and TOY Shortly afterwards, Eisfabrik performed at Gothic meets Klassik 2015 in the 'Gewandhaus' in 'Leipzig' .

On 'September 3rd, 2016', There was an Appearance at the 11th Nocturnal Culture Night in 'Neukieritzsch in Saxony'.

On 'November 25th, 2016', The Third Album "Eighteen hundred Under Frozen", Followed by for the First Time 'Matteo Fabbiani' was Involved. 'Eisfabrik' Was with a Mix on the Album" Together Till The End the Hamburg Rock Band Mono Inc' Involved.

It was Released on 'January 13th, 2017'.

In January / February 2017 'Eisfabrik' was on Tour with 'evo-lution' and 'Scheuber', The Solo Project of 'Project Pitchfork' Guitarist 'Dirk Scheuber'.

In June 2017 'Eisfabrik' Occurred while Wave Gothic Meeting in 'Leipzig'.

The Album "Null Kelvin" Followed on 'November 24th, 2017'.

On 'March 17th, 2018' 'Eisfabrik' Played at the E-Tropolis Festival in the Turbinenhalle 'Oberhausen'. There Followed in 2018 Festival Appearances 'Call The Ship To Port' in Cologne,

The Mera Luna in 'Hildesheim', Benefiz for Kids in 'Magdeburg' and the Autumn Moon Festival in 'Hameln'.

In November 2018, the ORUS Light Festival in 'Mexico City', In 'Mexico' was on the Agenda.

Then 'Eisfabrik' Went on the 13 Cities Cold Area Tour, Which Ended in Spring 2019.

In February and March 2019, 'Eisfabrik' Appeared as a Co-Headliner alongside 'Agonoize' and 'Funkervogt' as Part of the Hybridize festival Tour. This was Followed by Appearances at the Summer Summit Festival in 'Oschatz', Black Castle Festival Mannheim and the Noctura Festival in 'Barcelona'.

On 'November 22th, 2019', The 'Cryothermal Festivals' Began with 13 Performances in 13 Cities such as 'Berlin', 'Leipzig', 'Dresden' and 'Munich'.

The Fifth Studio Album "Kryothermalmusik aus der Eisfabrik" Followed on 'January 24th, 2020' via 'RepoRecords', Which Appeared in the 'Official German Album Charts' For the First Time.

"Discography" (2015-2022) "JoJo"


2015: When Winter Comes (TheXoomo)

2015: EisPlanet (NoCut)

2016: Eighteen Hundred Frozen (NoCut)

2016: Achtzehnhundertunderfroren (NoCut)

2017: Null Kelvin (NoCut)

2019: Rotationsausfall In Der Eisfabrik (7 Remixes Of 'Nothing Turns') (RepoRecords)

2020: Cryothermal music from the ice factory (RepoRecords)

2020: Kryothermalmusik Aus Der Eisfabrik (RepoRecords)

2020: Automatisierung In Der Eisfabrik (RepoRecords)

2022" Life Below Zero (NoCut) (25/02/22)

'Singles and EPs'

2015: Ice Crystal (TheXoomo)

2015: Maschinen (E.P.) (NoCut)

2016: Walking Towards the Sun (E.P.) (Digital, NoCut)

2019: Rotation failure in the ice cream factory (RepoRecords)

2019: Nothing Turns (RepoRecords)

2020: Automation in the ice cream factory (RepoRecords)

2020: Opposites Collide (Schattenmann Remix)

2020: Grim Reaper (No Crop Without Seeds Mix)

'Music videos'

2014: ice cream factory (Unknown)

2015: maschinen (NoCut)

2015: Walking Towards the Sun (NoCut)

2017: Snowman (Unknown)

2019: And Nothing Turns (RepoRecords)

2020: Opposites Collide (Schattenmann Remix) (RepoRecords)

2020: Grim Reaper (No Crop Without Seeds Mix) (RepoRecords)

2021: Eins Mit Dem Wind (From 'Life Below Zero' - '2022') (On 'Youtube' So Far)

(To Be Updated, Singles/E.P.s Too Be Added)

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'Eisfabrik' - 'The Choice' (Official Live) on "Null Kelvin" (Album 2017)

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'System Syn' - "Common People" (Pulp Cover) (2021) (Second Act Records)

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